CelCakes & CelCrafts Bloemknoppen 3 24mm/8 in a pack

Artikelnummer: ME15
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

Styropor dummies in de vorm van een rozenknop. Ideaal voor koud porcelein, voor alle niet eetbare decoraties. Afmeting: Ø24mm Inhoud zakje: 8 buds Polystyrene cone shape moulds suitable for sugarcraft rose and bud centres; Ideal for cake decorators. Place flower paste around the centre when making sugar roses and other paste flowers. The use of polystyrene inside a sugar based flower paste renders the modelled item as non-edible. CelCrafts recommend that any in-edibles should not be in direct contact with any consumable eg. food. A suitable food contact medium should be used to act as a barrier and customers should be made aware that non-edibles have been used in the cake decoration. 

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