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Alan Silverwood Battenberg Pan

Artikelcode: AS11983

Alan Silverwood Battenberg Pan

Prachtige kwaliteit bakblik met losse inserts voor het bakken van o.a. de Battenberg Cake.


20 cm lengte x 15 cm breedte x 3,75 cm hoogte.

Our Battenberg Cake pan has already been a great success.
Named in honour of the marriage of Queen Victoria's granddaughter (Also named Victoria) to Prince Louis Battenberg in 1884, Battenberg cake has become one of the most popular tea-time treats in the UK, with thousands sold every week. Now you can easily make your own with our bespoke pan.
Complete with full recipe details, the new pan can make a traditional Battenberg cake, or with a little ingenuity can be used to produce numerous "checkerboard" variations.

€ 21.95

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