Faux Cupcakes by Stamp-A-Cake

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Display cupcakes have now been made quicker and easier than ever with the Faux Cupcakes by Stamp-A-Cake. It can often be time consuming to bake cakes that will only be used for display purposes and never eaten, however there is no need for baking any longer with these ready shaped foam cupcakes. The Faux Cupcakes are made from a high quality, food grade foam and can be iced with fondant, royal icing or buttercream for whatever finish you desire. You can also use the Cupcake Modelling Domes by Stamp-A-Cake to get a perfectly arched topper which you can then use to finish your display cupcakes. The Faux Cupcakes are the usual standard 2” base size cupcakes so will fit almost all cupcake cases and wrappers and are made from vanilla coloured foam for an authentic look. The quality of the Faux Cupcake means it will not deteriorate so your display cupcakes will last a lifetime so you can take them to exhibitions and shows over and over again without fear of them falling apart, or simply have them displayed in your shop front until you decide on your next wondrous creation. Comes in a pack of 6. Each Faux Cupcake measures approximately: Base 2”, Top 3” diameter. The Faux Cupcake are made from food grade materials.
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